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  • by Editorial
    Several senior officials have conspicuously vanished. But it is ordinary people, especially Uyghurs, who are most vulnerableIn 1971, Lin Biao, hailed by China as Mao Zedong’s successor, fell from grace, fled the country and was killed in an aircrash in Mongolia. Despite his prominence, it was weeks before the public was told of his death, […]
  • by Akin Olla
    Adult workers are demanding a fairer slice of corporate profits – so child labor is a way to increase and undercut the labor poolThis July the body of 16-year-old Duvan Tomas Perez “became entangled” in meat processing machinery in Mississippi, according to a statement from Mar-Jac Poultry, the company where the boy was working. Perez […]
  • by Editorial
    Two decades after the invasion of Iraq, victims of abuse and torture by US forces have yet to be compensatedIt is 20 years since torture and terrible abuses by the US military began at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Reports of what was happening soon emerged, and an internal military report found “numerous incidents of […]
  • by Robert Reich
    Biden has pushed key policies to fight soaring US inequality. Yet he’s been reluctant to name and shame its causesKudos to Joe Biden for joining the United Auto Workers picket line on Tuesday. He’s the first president to join a picket line in living memory.But he shouldn’t stop a mere appendage to their own […]
  • by Sidney Blumenthal
    By abasing himself to Trump and the most hardline Republicans, Kevin McCarthy made himself a political hostageThe House Republicans have triggered a Chernobyl of their own, a chain reaction that will inexorably lead to a meltdown to their core surrounded by a radioactive forbidden zone. Saboteurs rush in unobstructed, setting blazes and planting explosives. The […]
  • by Editorial
    Spiralling tensions between Pristina and Belgrade have again spilled over into violence. The European Union’s mediating strategy is not workingAt the weekend, Kosovo’s prime minister, Albin Kurti, spoke despairingly in relation to a decade of talks about normalising relations with Serbia, which continues to refuse to recognise his country’s independent status. In an interview with […]
  • by V (formerly Eve Ensler)
    During a recent trip to Brazil, I saw how Indigenous women activists there have completely changed the political landscapeI was invited to the third Indigenous Women’s March in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, earlier this month. The last occupation of Brazil’s legislature was in January 2022, when a group of rightwing thugs, imitating the January […]
  • by Steven Greenhouse
    Trump’s claim that he ‘always’ has workers’ backs is laughable. As president he undercut them at every opportunityStrikes are painful affairs for unions and companies alike, but that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from making plans to go to Detroit next week to try to make political hay out of the United Auto Workers’ historic strike. […]
  • by David Sirota
    The high court has been telling politicians that flagrant corruption is now perfectly legalGold bars, guns, cash stuffed into a coat and favors for a foreign government – the new indictment of Bob Menendez, the Democratic US senator from New Jersey, reads like the plot of a cheap pulp novel satirizing political graft. But the […]
  • by Dyjuan Tatro
    I was paid 10 cents an hour to do menial work that taught no skills or life lessons. Without a college-in-prison degree, I’d probably be back in prison todayAlmost immediately after I was sent to prison, I was assigned to a “program”, the term American prison officials use for a job. I was to sweep […]
  • by Margaret Sullivan
    The media tycoon wreaked untold havoc on American democracy and beyondIn a chilling scene at the end of James Graham’s play Ink, Rupert Murdoch – having made his indelible mark on British media and society – slows his frenetic pace to ponder the future.He’s thinking, he says almost dreamily, of a venture across the pond […]
  • by Hamilton Nolan
    The carmaker is now US labor’s most important target. If Musk doesn’t like that, he’s welcome to settle it with an auto worker by cage matchThe massive United Auto Workers strike against the big three automakers is, first and foremost, an awesome demonstration of labor power – the act of a powerful, longstanding industrial union, […]
  • by Rajan Menon and Daniel R DePetris
    Biden was pitching global cooperation to developing nations long suspicious of the US-dominated world orderEvery September, the annual UN general assembly session offers global leaders a prime opportunity to publicize their top priorities to an international audience – precisely what President Joe Biden did on the conclave’s opening day this week.As Biden approached the podium, […]