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  • by Arwa Mahdawi
    Lily-Rose Depp said she hears the term mentioned ‘a lot more about women’ – but plenty of celebrity men are nepo babies tooHear that? It’s the sound of some very upset nepo babies. A “nepo baby”, for those wondering what I’m talking about, is online slang for a celebrity who comes from a famous family. […]
  • by Editorial
    At a time when anxieties about body image are rife, the idealisation of skinniness is too dangerous to leave to the whims of the fashion industryReports from the latest high-profile catwalk shows have sent a shiver through the bones of the body positivity movement. From Versace to Burberry and Stella McCartney, wafer-thin bodies appear to […]
  • by Editorial
    The country is in trouble if during a national emergency the economy could be so easily rigged to favour connected insidersCrony capitalism in the House of Lords is not a good look for Britain. Yet during the Covid crisis, there appeared to be a strong case that political access allowed privileged individuals to extract a […]
  • by Editorial
    Increasing numbers of primary-age pupils are missing targets. Nurseries as well as schools need resources to catch upChildren in England should have learned to read by age seven. Given an age-appropriate book, they are expected to be able to focus on understanding – who the story is about, what is happening – rather than expend […]
  • by Moira Donegan
    What happened in Colorado Springs this weekend was part of a trend of escalating violence targeting gay spacesAs far as mass shootings, go, it was over quickly. Just before midnight on Saturday, a man carrying multiple magazines of ammunition entered the Club Q, a gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado, spraying gunfire. As bullets flew, […]
  • by Steven Donziger
    A list of the five most promising legal steps we can take to help fight climate changeThe world has reached an acute point in the “highway to climate hell”. Talks at Cop27 barely achieved anything, despite the fact that almost one-third of Pakistan’s territory was submerged during unprecedented flooding; record heat over the summer killed […]
  • by Mohamad Bazzi
    After being repeatedly humiliated by Prince Mohammed, Biden continues to appease an autocrat who disdains himThe Biden administration told a US judge last week that Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, should be granted immunity in a civil lawsuit over his role in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That decision effectively ends […]
  • by Robert Reich
    Where employees are a corporation’s key assets, workers’ greater power comes in threatening to walk out the doorWhen Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44bn, he clearly didn’t know that the key assets he was buying lay in Twitter’s 7,500 workers’ heads.On corporate balance sheets, the assets of a corporation are its factories, equipment, patents and […]
  • by Arwa Mahdawi
    The power of irate Taylor Swift fans means something might actually be done about the dominance of Ticketmaster and coMove over Karl Marx, it looks like Taylor Swift just radicalized the masses. Over the past few days there has been a lot of bad blood between Ticketmaster and enraged Swift fans over the disastrous rollout […]
  • by Moira Donegan
    To Republicans, Pelosi has taken on a kind of mythic malice. But progressives, too, were not enamored of herAs the new House Republican majority stumbles into power, with all the chaotic, embittered bumbling of a rich man’s son who can only seem to fail upwards, another, peculiar kind of political transition is taking place: Nancy […]
  • by Moira Donegan
    Expect a slew of investigations into everything from the Afghanistan withdrawal to immigration at the southern borderJoe Biden needs to lawyer up. He’s about to see an onslaught of investigations into him, his appointees and their conduct that will now be launched by Republican-controlled congressional committees. It’s not impossible that a Republican-controlled congress could even […]
  • by Ben Davis
    His campaign proved that class can be a driver of political behavior and a foundation of redistributive economic policyThe midterm elections last Tuesday blew a hole in conventional political wisdom. The supposed law that the president’s party could never win a midterm. That partisanship was too entrenched for voters to split their tickets between parties […]
  • by Sidney Blumenthal
    Kevin McCarthy will be a mere stooge – that is, until he’s replaced by someone even more TrumpistEven before the midterm elections – when the vaunted “red wave” dried up – influential Republicans, over drinks in Washington, casually discussed the fate of Kevin McCarthy as a short-timer.The man who would be the speaker of the […]