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  • by Abby Vesoulis
    Among the most-discussed aspects of Herschel Walker’s campaign for the US Senate seat in Georgia are the allegations he had episodes of violence and threatening to commit violence—allegations he later dismissed as the side effects of a mental illness known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, from which he now claims he is “healed.”  Walker’s ex-wife Cindy Grossman, […]
  • by Emily Hofstaedter
    Things looked scary at first for Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the GOP senator at the top of Donald Trump’s enemies list. After crushing her opponent in the primary, Murkowski found herself behind Trump-backed Kelly Tshibaka for days after  polls closed on November 8th. But by Wednesday night, as the state’s ranked choice voting tabulation concluded, […]
  • by Emily Hofstaedter
    For decades, it’s been unthinkable that Alaska could let a Democrat occupy its only seat in the House of Representatives, which had been held by the late GOP Rep. Don Young since 1972. But in the background, as Americans in the lower 48 were captivated by races in Georgia or Arizona, that’s exactly what’s happened: Alaskans […]
  • by Arianna Coghill
    In less than 10 days, two mass shootings in two different cities have taken place in Virginia. On November 13, three students at the University of Virginia were killed after a classmate allegedly gunned them down following a field trip. Then on Tuesday, a suspected gunman opened fire inside a Walmart break room, killing at […]
  • by Sandy Tolan
    The United States will block shipments of raw sugar from a top Dominican producer with close ties to two wealthy Florida businessmen after finding indications of forced labor at its sprawling Caribbean plantation. Sugar from the Central Romana Corp.’s cane fields feeds into the supply chains of major U.S. brands, including Domino and the Hershey […]
  • by Madison Pauly
    For years, former president Donald Trump has been able to push off a lawsuit filed against him by E. Jean Carroll, a writer and advice columnist who says he raped her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. When Carroll decided to come forward—describing the alleged assault in a book excerpt in 2019—Trump […]
  • by Marianne Szegedy-Maszak
    The doctor strides through Greenwich Village at rush hour on a December afternoon as if leaning into the wind. He is tall, lean, young—34—with longish wavy dark hair, charcoal eyebrows, a Roman nose. Carrying a raincoat and backpack, he appears vigilant. If violence were to erupt, he would be more likely to sprint towards a […]
  • by Ali Breland
    In early November, Iqbal Kassam, a Vancouver-based 30-year-old, had decided to take a couple of days off. His marketing business was running smoothly and the crypto markets, which he had been actively following and investing in on the side, seemed to have cooled, requiring less of his day-to-day attention. So he and his wife decided […]
  • by Russ Choma
    The Supreme Court refused to hear Donald Trump’s plea to keep his tax returns out of Congress’ hands on Tuesday. This action finally ends the battle Trump began fighting in 2016, even before taking office when he became the first president in modern history to refuse to reveal what was on his tax returns. He […]
  • by Abby Vesoulis
    Two years ago, Herschel Walker said that some state officials who certified Joe Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump should go to jail. At a campaign rally last weekend, Walker embraced one of the people he seemed to suggest should be locked up: Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who stumped with Walker in a last-ditch effort […]