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  • by Ian Kane
    Commentary Some wars have faded from people’s memories over time, while others are more popular than ever. In terms of cinema, World War II and the Vietnam War films have been popularized to the extent that some suggest that they’ve been “done to death.” And I’m not just talking about feature films such as “Saving […]
  • by Gabriël Moens
    Commentary The FIFA World Cup is finally underway in Qatar. Ever since this quadrennial feast of football was allocated there in 2010, the World Cup, often regarded as the most important and prestigious tournament in the world, has been overshadowed by persistent attacks on the human rights record of the host nation. For example, Amnesty […]
  • by Gregory Copley
    Commentary Iran’s clerics had learned by late November that they could—absent any international scrutiny—suppress opposition protests comprehensively, harshly, and without repercussions. But is it a long-term solution for the Islamic Republic? The most comprehensive national protests since 2019-20’s—when there were more than 1,500 known civilian deaths—were becoming weaker by late November, but only because the […]
  • by Ian Kane
    Commentary With all of the recent controversy surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, even people who previously put their full trust in regulatory agencies such as the CDC and NIH and monolithic pharmaceutical corporations (Big Pharma), have grown much more skeptical of these entities. Whereas during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, natural alternatives to vaccines were maligned […]
  • by Jeffrey A. Tucker
    Commentary It’s utterly astonishing that so many otherwise intelligent people got taken in by Sam Bankman-Fried, the now disgraced former head of crypto exchange FTX who is still nonetheless invited to speak at a New York Times seminar that costs $2,400 to attend. Part of his supposed appeal was his slovenly dress: t-shirts, cargo shorts, […]
  • by Cory Morgan
    Commentary If there is one thing investors like before committing funds to projects, it’s a sense of stability. They want to know circumstances won’t unexpectedly change and sour their investment. This is particularly true with foreign investors who entrust their capital to a nation over which they have no control. That makes them more skittish […]
  • by Benjamin Weingarten
    Commentary While Republicans kicked off the 2024 presidential race with the announcement that Donald Trump was running for president, in perhaps the ultimate sign of our ignominious times, Democrats, in effect, kicked off their half of the contest three days later by appointing a special counsel to escalate their political prosecution of him. This is […]
  • by J.G. Collins
    Commentary “Having a little inflation is like being a little pregnant.” — Leon Henderson, FDR Administration This past summer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.) berated Larry Summers and other interest rate hawks for possibly causing a recession with their calls for higher rates. She called Summers “someone who has never worried about where his next paycheck will come […]
  • by Stu Cvrk
    Commentary U.S. educational institutions are being hollowed out by their adoption of cultural Marxist ideologies that are alien to traditional American culture. And the communist Chinese couldn’t be happier. After all, destroying the institutions of the United States from within is an easier task for the communists than kinetic war, whose outcome is problematic in […]
  • by Joe Mobley
    Commentary YouTube is back to its old tricks, strengthening Sen. Ted Cruz’s argument that Big Tech censorship is the “single biggest threat we have to free speech in this country.” But, comedic media personality, Steven Crowder, may have just struck the fatal blow to YouTube and other Big Tech platforms. In 2020, Crowder’s streaming show—Louder with Crowder […]
  • by Phil Gurski
    Commentary While it is true that intelligence services have a murky reputation—all that cloak and dagger stuff—in reality, what they do is not all that complicated. As to how they do it, well that is another matter. The most closely held secret within these organizations is what we call “sources and methods,” and these are critical […]
  • by Antonio Graceffo
    Commentary While Russia is dominating headlines with the Ukraine invasion and China’s economic, political, and military expansion is being monitored closely, Iran-sponsored terrorism remains the third largest challenge, according to the U.S. intelligence community. ‘”ISIS, al-Qa‘ida, and Iran and its militant allies will take advantage of weak governance to continue to plot terrorist attacks against […]
  • by Tom LaTourrette
    Commentary China dominates global supply chains for nearly all critical mineral resources. Especially important are elements such as nickel, cobalt, lithium, copper, and the rare earths that power decarbonization technologies such as batteries, electric motors, and turbines. The rapidly increasing demand for these minerals has rekindled interest in extracting polymetallic nodules from the deep seabed. […]
  • by John R. Lott Jr.
    Commentary Watching the news, you’d be led to believe that vote fraud doesn’t exist in the United States. Since the election on Nov. 8, news article after news article has simply dismissed any claims of vote fraud as “baseless” (New York Times and CNN) and “without evidence” (NPR, New York Times, and Washington Post). Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari […]